Our next Daytona Beach Comic and Toy Convention will be Sunday April 23, 2017

Show starts at 10am and runs till 5pm. Admission is $8.00 at the door.
Children 12 years old and younger get in free. Random door prizes given away all day long.

April 23, 2017 will be our biggest show to date. There will be over 150 vendor tables selling comics, toys, magazines, trade paper backs, records, collectibles, action figures and more.

We will be back at the Embry-Riddle ICI Center!

Embry-Riddle ICI Center

Costume contest with $300.00 in prizes. Contest will start at 2:00 PM on day of show. No real guns, knives, swords. Use props only. No play fighting. This is a kid and family friendly convention. Please no costumes of a lewd or distasteful nature. There will be three groups. Eleven years old and younger. Twelve to seventeen years old. Eighteen and older group. There will be cash prizes (Daytona Beach Bucks…good at the show) for first, second and third place in each group.

CBCS will be taking submissions at the show.

CBCS - Comic Book Certification Service
Visit the CBCS website for more information.


The Riley and Kimmy Show

Podcast and show MC by The Riley and Kimmy Show

Comic Book Guest

John Beatty, artist/ inker/ Marvel / DC / Image / Dark Horse — added 02/10/2017
Bill Black, artist / writer / publisher / film producer/maker
John Crowther
, creator and writer of “Rochelle The Teen Cockroach”
Nicola Cuti, artist / writer / editor
Mark S. Dail, artist / inker — added 02/17/2017
Jake Estrada, writer / artist / publisher
Jim Fern, artist / illustrator — added 02/17/2017
Barry Gregory, writer / artist / publisher
Jenni Gregory, creator / writer/ artistist — added 02/06/2017
Viet Huynh, custom action figures — added 02/06/2017  
Katherine “Kezrek” Laczin, artist
Kevin LaPorte, writer / editor / publisher
Joe Lovece, author
Javier Lugo, artist / creator
Roland Mann, writer / editor
Christopher Orta, artist  — added 02/17/2017
Martin T. Pierro, owner / publisher / author for Cosmic Times
Monica RavenWolf, artist, illustrator — added 02/14/2017
Joe Rivera, artist/ inker/ Marvel / DC / Image / Dark Horse / Valiant — added on 02/10/2017
Richard Savidge, artist
Tim Tyler, artist — added 02/17/2017
Nikolai Volkoff, wrestling legend and collaborator with John Crowther in a new comic book series which chronicles his life.
Jeff Whiting, artist / inker
Jade Woodruff, creator, writer, artist, Bento Studios — added 02/06/2017

Media Guest 

King of the B movies Joel D. Wynkoop, actress M. Catherine Wynkoop, actor  Tom Antalek, pod cast and radio Super Radio Bros, daily podcast the Riley and Kimmy Show.


Face painting and balloon creations by Fun Faces Balloon Creations

Victorian/Steampunk influenced/Horror troupe Phantasmagoria. Join them as they bring atmosphere entertainments, dance, and fiery performance to the Daytona Beach Comic Convention.

Phantasmagoria in Sanford Monday, March 6, 2017. Photo by C. A. Bridges




 Tugg along with Blake and Kim Ovard
A Hero Among Us”
The sun was setting on a typically hot and muggy July evening, just a couple of days after July 4th, in Fort Worth, Texas when the call came in to police dispatch — a badly burned puppy, that was still alive, was
wrapped in a blanket and staked down beside a busy six-lane road. A single word, dog, was scrawled on a small sign attached to the stake that held the blanket and puppy in place.
Animal control was contacted, and was told a small, male, bull terrier puppy, about four months old appeared to have been badly burned and abandoned. The animal control officer arrived and carefully took the
puppy to the animal shelter. The puppy was given food and water and made
as comfortable as possible while waiting to see the shelter vet the next



This event is bought to you by Fun King Promotions and CBC the Comic Book Connection.

The Daytona Arcade Museum

The Daytona Beach Comic Book Convention is pleased to have Central Florida’s Largest Playable Collection of Classic Arcade Game setting up in our lobby!


The “Daytona Arcade Museum” is located at 176 N. Beach St, in downtown Daytona Beach! Check them out on Facebook and the show!

They have also donated 3 sets of 2 tickets each for FREE door prize giveaways!!!

— Please stop by and see them at the show —

Our hotel of choice is the Best Western Plus. 2620 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, Florida 32114 . There will be a special room rate at the hotel for the weekend of the show. Best Western Plus phone # 386-258-6333.

Best Western Plus ISB



Speedway Location

Beach Location