GUESTS at the April 23, 2017 show


Nikolai Volkoff, is a Yugoslavian semi-retired professional wrestler who is best known for his performances for the World Wrestling Federation. Although the Volkoff on-screen character was often portrayed as a villainous Russian, he actually originates from Croatia and has a mixed background. He is known for teaming with The Iron Sheik, with whom he won the WWF Tag Team Championship at the inaugural WrestleMania event.

John Crowther, a Central Florida native, is the creator and writer of the dynamic new comic book series, Rochelle: The Teen Cockroach, which debuted in March 2015, with issue #170 of AC Comics’ Femforce.

rochcvrtestThe series chronicles a teen superhero, born to a human mother, but with the combined DNA of a cockroach, enabling her with numerous cockroach-like abilities.
The series is drawn by renowned artist, Dell Barras.

Mr. Crowther is also currently involved as a the writer on two additional new series: A collaboration with former WWE superstar Nikolai Volkoff, which chronicles his life, and an anthropomorphic series titled, Unemployed Duck, which was created and is drawn by artist Don Edwards.


Joe Rivera

Joe Rivera got his start in comics when his son, “Paolo Rivera” brought him in to ink “Mark Waid’s” new launch of Daredevil in 2012. The team received critical acclaim for the work and won several Eisner and Harvey awards, including the best single comic issue of 2012!

Since then, Joe has been inking covers over his son Paolo’s pencils for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and Valiant. In 2015 a fellow alum from RISD of Paolo’s, Joe Quinones asked if he could help out on Marvel’s relaunch of “Howard the Duck.”

Joe then inked about 12 issues of “Howard.”

Moving forward he is continuing to ink and developing art instruction videos!

John Beatty

John Beatty is best known for his inking work for both Marvel and DC Comics.

Developing into one of the industries top inkers over his career, Beatty has worked with top pencil artists, such as Mike Zeck, Kelley Jones and Michael Golden.

Working on almost every major character in the industry at one time or another.

Titles / series best known for include many fan favorites such as “Secret Wars,” Captain America,” “The Punisher,” “Thanos Quest,” and many “Batman” projects including a highly regarded fan favorite 3 year run on the monthly “Batman” book with writer Doug Moench and pencil artist, Kelley Jones.

Website: JohnBeattyArt


Monica RavenWolf

“Journey into a creative world where portrait & fantasy collide! Come meet Monica RavenWolf as she showcases her unique artistic styling. Utilizing only color pencil to bring her hyper realistic portrait and fantasy work to life. Finding her love of bringing art from the shadows, she works on black matte board to allow her style to come into the light. While she loves working in this medium, she also works on all typed of canvas from digital to traditional.

Her artwork has been showcased on Robert Rodriquez’s El Rey Network, along with appearing on the widely popular T-shirt Company TeeFury, introducing her BITTENS series!

She is also a published artist having her art in the graphic novel tribute art book entitled; “Voltron: United & Drawn.” As always her one of a kind art will surely intrigue you to come back for more … One color pencil to rule them all!”

Official Website: ArtofRavenWolf

Facebook: ArtofRavenWolf

Instagram: ArtofRavenWolf

Twitter: ArtofRavenWolf

Jim Fern

Jim Fern is an artist for Marvel comics on titles such as the Amazing Spider-Man (the black Spider-man), Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man Honeymoon issue, as well as inking and penciling others like X-Force and Jubilee’s first issue in X-Men Annual #13.

Jim has also penciled many titles for DC featuring Superman, Batman, Legion ’90, the Green Lantern as James Bosch, and others.

Most recently having done work for Vertigo such as Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland, DC’s Convergence issues of World’s Finest, and the first issue of First’s new Badger with Mike Baron.

Tim Tyler

Tim Tyler is a 30 year vet of the Independent Comics Industry. Tim began his run shortly after a stint at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic art.

Tim was hired on by the infamous, Northstar, where he and Tim Vigil brought Faust to life.

Tim then dabbled in self publishing with his first company, Fathom Press where he created the Vampire hero, Blood Reign. Tims Fathom Press also published the first 2 Issues of Everette Hartsoe’s then unknown character, Razor, which Tim often inked.

The Independent Comics world was at it’s height in the 90’s and so were many of Tim’s characters. During that decade, Tim created, and or worked on books such as Blood Reign, Devil Jack, Hades, Cadaver, Ratsbane, the Dead Crew. Tim joined First Comics and inked issues of Dreadstar and Zero Tolerance. At Avatar, He and Vigil teamed up again on books like Cuda, Shinga’s Tallons and 777 The Wraith.
In the new decade, Tim did many Adult Western comics for the Italian market, which were collected and well received in Europe.
Under a new company, Shadow Planet, he created his first Graphic Novel, ENGINE.
Recently, Tim has dabbled in the Film world, producing dvd and Collector VHS artwork for SRS Cinema as well as working on many RPG adventure designs and art for the online Role Playing company, Adventure A Week.
Tim’s work also spreads in to the Music business where he has provided artwork for the Doom Metal band, Morpheus Descends and others.
In 2016, Tim is still active in Publishing and Comics. Last year, he self Published new Hades and the monster book, Fiends, as well as creating all new Blood Reign installments for the anthology, Stain.
Tim has appeared in other books and Magazines such as Fangoria, Playboy, Vamptrix, Piggs and Stubb, Necrotica, Ravage, Clown Shock, Splatter, Dark Visions, Indy Comics Magazine and many others.

Jade Woodruff

Jade Woodruff is a freelance, indie writer and illustrator based in Northeast Florida.  She started selling her art in 2008 and became a small business owner in 2014 after finding great success with her self-published graphic novel series Game Over.  Jade’s art is a hybrid between eastern and western illustration, with a strong focus on anatomy and realism in action-adventure-fantasy.  Jade has also hosted panels and events focusing on how to create art, comics, and how to self-publish at conventions throughout the southeastern US including Tampa Bay Comic Con, MomoCon, and Supercon.  Jade is active online, streaming live drawing sessions and tutorials almost nightly on Twitch.  While focusing on finishing her premier series, Game Over, in 2017, Jade will only be attending a few conventions and is excited that Daytona Beach Comic Con will be one of them.

Follow Jade on social media!

BentoStudios | Facebook | Twitter | Twitch

Nicola Cuti worked as editor, artist and writer for such distinguished comic book companies as DC, Marvel, Charlton and Warren. He created numerous comic books characters including superhero “E-Man” and the space opera hero, “Captain Cosmos.”
In 1986 Nick moved his family to California, where he spent 16 years as a background designer for the Hollywood studios such as the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, Paramount and MGM. Some of the projects he worked on were “101 Dalmatians.” “Gargoyles,” “Conan the Adventurer,” “The Mighty Ducks.” and “Defenders of the Earth.”
He then became interested in live action and filmed his first movie in California, “Captain Cosmos and the Pirates of the Forbidden Zone”. Moving to Florida he wrote, produced and directed Indie movies such as “Shock House,” “Tagged!,” and “The Lady Without Substance.”
His most recent creation is “Starflake,” a little girl who can live in outer space without any life support.
He is a two-time winner of the Ray Bradbury Award for writing excellence and a 2009 Inkpot Award winner for his work in Comic Book Art.


In addition to holding down a table Bill Black will be filming a scene from the forthcoming SCARLET SCORPION at the Daytona Beach Comics and Toy Show on April 23. The SCARLET SCORPION (GARY LESTER) will duke it out with super guest star bad guy JOEL D, WYNKOOP. Along with leading lady, STEPHANIE MASON-TEAGUE, they will give “The King Of The B’s” a martial arts challenge! Hey, Kids, you won’t want to miss this!

14625748_10157588328615224_1539694164_oJavier Lugo is a professional comic artist and creator. He is a co-founder of CAE Studios and has contributed to countless comic projects over the past several years. He is most well known for being the co-creator of the popular “Overwatch” series that became the name of the Blizzard video game. His credits include work for IDW, Darkhorse, and more. His body of work includes the creator-owned property Project: APEX and Charlatan and the Dead Boyz. He has done pencils on The Purgatorist with 102.5 The Bone’s A Cat Named Mo, Zombie Squad, Femforce, American Eagle, and IDW’s Hasbro Revolution series.

Tugg: A Hero Among Us
After being wrapped in a blanket, staked down beside a hot Texas highway
in the middle of July and left to die, Tugg the bull terrier was rescued
and nursed back to health – beating the odds that were stacked against
him. During the healing process, Tugg discovered he was also a super
hero, and set out to use his powers to help others. As a therapy dog,
Tugg goes to schools where he does anti-bullying and self esteem
program, and goes to children’s hospitals, elderly care and memory care
facilities to visit with patients.
Because of his humanitarian efforts, Tugg was awarded the American
Kennel Club (AKC) highest award – the Award for Canine Excellence. He
has appeared in numerous magazine articles and TV newscasts, been the
guest at Dallas Cowboys Stadium for two seasons, opened an adoption
center that specializes in helping rescue animals no one else will, and
has appeared on the Rachael Ray Show. Now, Tugg has launched his own
comic book of his super hero adventures, and all of the proceeds go back
to help other rescues in need.
Don’t miss your chance to stop by his table and meet a real-life super
hero, and pick up one of his comic books, and ask for a pawtograph


Blake Ovard
(Creator – Tugg: A Hero Among Us)
Blake Ovard has worked as a professional artist for more than two
decades, and has been rescuing animals in danger even longer. Blake has
won numerous awards for his realistic pen and ink stippling art of
wildlife, with pieces featured in gallery exhibits, art festivals,
charitable organization promotional posters, stamps, and hundreds of
newspapers and magazines around the world. He is also an accomplished
children’s book author and illustrator with “Whose Feet Are Those?”
“Flamingos Everywhere” and “Tugg’s Doggie Rulebook.”

Kim Ovard
(Creator – Tugg: A Hero Among Us)
Kim Ovard is an award winning photojournalist and has been involved with
animal welfare and rescue for most of her life. Growing up in Missouri,
she was instrumental in coordinating the rescue of thousands of animals
in 1993 after the Mississippi and Missouri rivers flooded to well over
the 500-year flood level. Kim has been a lifelong lover of comics, and
would think of possible story lines when working with animals. When she
met and married her husband, Blake, they would create short, four-eight
page mini-comics for local schools. Kim and Blake would create the
story, and Blake would draw it.All of the elements for art and animal rescue
came together for Blake and Kim in one small rescue dog that was wrapped
in a blanket, and that blanket was staked down beside a busy six-lane highway
in the hot July, Texas heat. That 4-month-old puppy was Tugg, and as Blake and Kim,
nursed Tugg back to health, it was soon apparent that Tugg was indeed a
real-life super hero dog. All Blake and Kim had to do was chronicle
Tugg’s adventures. “Tugg: A Hero Among Us” was born. The quarterly
series is a non-stop, super-fun ride for all ages, following along as
Tugg saves the world from things it didn’t even know were dangerous.
For Tugg’s humanitarian work of working with schools, where Blake and
Kim also created and developed anti-bullying and self esteem programs
featuring Tugg going to hundreds of classrooms, with videos, worksheets,
and coloring books, and creating therapy programs with Tugg for various
local elderly care facilities, Tugg was awarded the highest award from
the American Kennel Club (AKC) — the Award for Canine Excellence,
Companion Animal. The Rachael Ray show also had Tugg on as a special
guest, because of all the work he does to help others. Tugg was a
featured guest at Dallas Cowboys Stadium’s Rally Days celebrations
before every home game for the two seasons, and was there to help team
owner Jerry Jones present the award when the 1 millionth visitor walked
into Cowboy’s Stadium. Tugg has also been featured in dozens of T.V. and
newspaper news stories, was the “celebrity guest dog model” at the
annual Fashion Group International fashion show in Dallas, appeared on
T.V.’s “Nashville” and has been a spokes-dog for various charitable
organizations ranging from cancer research to children’s advocacy
When not trying to keep up with Tugg and his busy schedule, and writing
and creating the art for “Tugg: A Hero Among Us,” Blake also creates
sketch cards of all kinds of heroes and villains, fine art paintings,
and blank sketch comic cover commissions featuring Tugg as a character
from whatever book it is. Kim works in animal rescue each and every day
and started a non-profit rescue, Tugg’s Pink House of Wuff, Inc. All of
the proceeds from the sale of Tugg’s series go to help others in need.


Martin T. Pierro is owner/publisher/author for Cosmic Times, the largest comic book publisher in the southeastern United States. His love for comics and a desire to tell stories prompted him to start Cosmic Times in 2008. Cosmic Times was an underground success story until 2014 when it became nationally distributed through Diamond. Under his leadership, Cosmic Times has published a wide array of diverse titles including Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, Deep Space Tragedy and the socially relevant Flesh of White. he has inspired countless numbers of children to read, through his engaging presentations at schools, libraries, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.
In addition to his vast knowledge of the comic book industry, Martin also knows a thing or two about comic cons. He is the creator of PalmCon – the largest comic con in Palm Beach County. Six years in the running, it draws thousands of attendees from all over the country and has had an impressive guest list including celebrities from Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Transformers, G. I. Joe, and Disney. Martin established PalmCon to introduce young people to the world of comics by providing a family friendly event and has done so year after year.


Barry Gregory is the writer, colorist, editor, and publisher of the hit independent comic John Aman Amazing Man.For the past twenty years he has worked every slot of the comic book assembly line – writer, penciler, inker, letterer, colorist – for publishers large and small. He’s written plays, scripts, and stories, and once spent three years as the managing editor of a major comics publisher, an experience that still causes him to sometimes waking up screaming.

In 2005, he co-founded Ka-Blam Digital Printing to serve the needs of small and independent comics publishers, and in 2007 launched IndyPlanet, the one-of-a-kind, print-on-demand independent comics superstore.

He lives near Orlando, FL with his wife Jennifer (the creator of the acclaimed comics DreamWalker and Abby’s Menagerie), three kids, and a big, fuzzy dog

Jenni Gregory

Jenni Gregory is the creator, writer, illustrator of “Dream Walker.” There are 17 issues in this series so far.
Her 1990 webcomic “Abby’s Menagerie” was hailed by Warren Ellis as “probably the best webcomic I’ve seen.”

She the co-creator of “Becky’s Alien” and has worked on numerous sketch card sets for a wide range of publishers. Jenni is currently working on two new comic series, “Summoner” ( #1 is out now ) and “Byrd” ( which will debut late Spring ).

She lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, three kids and a very, very mean dog.



Roland Mann


Roland Mann is a writer, editor, speaker, and professor. As writer, he is best known for his work on Cat & Mouse, a comic which ran for nearly two years, garnered critical acclaim, was optioned by Hollywood, and led Roland to other work. Other titles Roland wrote include Rocket Ranger, Miss Fury, Planet of the Apes: Blood of the Apes, Krey and Demon’s Tails. As editor, Roland is best known for his work as a Malibu/Marvel Comics editor where he edited The Protectors line of comics and many Ultraverse titles. Roland also served as Editor and Publisher of Silverline, a line of independent comics which included such titles as Switchblade and The Scary Book.

In addition to his work in comics, Roland has been a newspaper editor and an advertising flunky, but more recently he teaches Creative Writing at the university level. He is also a frequent speaker at writing workshops/conferences where many find his sessions encouraging. Roland’s first novel, Buying Time, was published in 2010. His other recent work includes graphic novel adaptations of the classic novels The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Roland can be found on his website where he also occasionally blogs and he is honored when folks “like” his facebook author page at

Roland earned an MFA in Writing from Spalding University, a MA in English from the University of North Alabama, and a BS in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Mississippi.


Jeff Whiting a Daytona Beach native got his start in comics inking the original Tick for New England Comics, and some of the related spin-off books. From there, he went on to ink for Malibu Comics Ultraverse, on titles such as Prime, Ultraforce, Mantra, Sludge, Prototype and Rune. After a small inking run for Wildstorm and DC Comics, he self-published a few issues of a book called Shanghai, which he wrote and drew. He has several new projects in the works for 2015 with writer Roland Mann, and new self-published work.




Jake Estrada entered the comic book field back in 2005 by first publishing his now classic hero Bocas. His first comic, Bocas, centered on a Hispanic character, and there are six books in that series. His other books include Estrada Media Serials 1, Estrada Media Serials 2, Bridgeton Nights, You Cannot Silence Me: The Unauthorized Pedro Albizu Campos Story, Tainos, Motorist vs. Bocas 1, Motorist vs. Bocas 2, The Human Virus , Screw Phillips, Maestro and Space Coast Comixx.
In 2012 Mr. Estrada decided to start focusing on publishing and releasing comics in Brevard County. He was interviewed by local Magazine, Brevard Live for the November 2012 Edition about the Human Virus. Publisher Heike Clark said, “A Comic Book that goes under the skin.”
At that instance a renewed passion was sparked and Jake Estrada started to work towards creating Space Coast Comixx.
In addition to publishing Space Coast Comixx, Mr. Estrada has his work featured in Spotlight Magazine and a monthly comic strip in Al Dia Today in Brevard County. Mr. Estrada has worked as a comic printer and has printed comics for other independent publishers. He also owned and operated his own comic shop. He holds degrees in both Multimedia Design and Criminal Justice Administration. Plus he partnered with David Grace to create Space Coast Comic Con, along with appearing in several films and tv shows. Jake loves being active and creative and he enjoys living his life to the fullest. Jake loves his family and he enjoys his three children.


Kevin LaPorte is the Fairhope, Alabama-based writer and co-creator of genre comics with a horror bent. In 2010, he and Amanda Rachels created upstart indie comics publisher, Inverse Press, to showcase their work. The worlds Kevin creates range from dark carnivals overrun by clowns violently avenging abused children (Vicious Circus) to dying frontier towns in the Old West beset by Steampunk versions of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Last Ride for Horsemen) to hellish dimensions replete with untapped energy mined by unsuspecting adventurers ripe for demonic possession (The Absentee)!


_MG_9108Joel D. Wynkoop has been acting…. well since he was a little kid but graduated into super 8 movies in the 70’s then in the 80’s teaming up with Tim Ritter to do “Twisted Illusions” the movie and the company followed by “Truth or Dare”, “Killing Spree”, “Lost Faith”, “Wicked Games”, “Creep”, Screaming for Sanity”, “The Alien Agenda series”, Marcus Koch’s “Rot”, “Dirty Cop No Donut” then “Dark Dimensions”, “The Bite” and many more leading up to “Herschel Gordon Lewis’ The Uh-Oh Show”, “Demon”, “Stopped Dead” with Debbie Rochon and his upcoming movie “Fury The Tales of Ronan Pierce”. Also his TV shows Joel D. Wynkoop’s “The Other Side” and “The Joel Wynkoop Show” , countless TV commercials, infomercial’s and stage plays. Wynkoop has definitely paid his dues. He continues to act today wherever the movie takes him.
You can see more on Wynkoop and his movies at and


cathy wynkoopM. Catherine Wynkoop started her acting career with “Fall of an Actor: The Joel D. Wynkoop” story back in 1999. Since then Cathy has starred and made appearances in many movies like “Into The Woods”, “Aspiring Psychopath”, “The Bite”, “Before I Die”, “Always Midnight”, “Make Them Die Sleazy!”, “$cumbagz”, “Twisted Ilusions 2”, “Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare part 4”, and most recently has just completed shooting Joe Sherlock’s “Diary of Blood”. Cathy also played Captain Auhn-Rue on the Sci’Fi TV show Joel D. Wynkoop’s “The Other Side”. Cathy has now begun work on Kelly Helen Thompson’s movie “One By One”and has also been cast in the upcoming movie “Onslaught”. To see more of Cathy you can visit her Facebook page at




rileyandkimmylogobsmallThe Riley and Kimmy Show
Daily Podcasts originating from Orlando, Florida that include commentaries…information and most of all fun. We discuss Comic Books (including COSplay), Multi-Media (including Radio and TV), Films/Movies, Health/Lifestyle issues and more. The show focuses on the world of Nerd/Pop Culture…Comic Books & Collectibles. Riley and Kimmy do daily shows and when possible try to highlight local/Florida events and Pop Culture-based businesses.
Web site is



MonsterKid_logoMonster Kid Studios is launching three all-new, all-different digital comics beginning in January 2016.
Being new to the world of digital publishing, Monster Kid Studios is excited to present to the world their brand of adventure-filled, thrill-filled, action-filled digital comics!
Artist, Rich Savidge and writer, Glen Bond have collaborated to create titles showcasing a variety of styles and boundless imagination.
“The Strange Case Files of Eva Black”, “Deck Tracy Adventures”, and “Deep Calling – The Atlantis Odyssey”, are certain to provide something for every comic book fan to enjoy!
Stay up-to-date with Monster Kid Studios by visiting or become a Monster Kid yourself by “Liking” them on Facebook –

joe loveceJoseph Lovece is a retired journalist, publisher and comic book dealer. His first novel is The Steam Man of the West. He lives in Ormond Beach, Florida. The books are available on Amazon and Goodreads in paperback or eBook edition. Web site is htt:;// Joe also reviews comics for the online magazine Multiverse. You can read his reviews at



The Super Radio Brothers.
They will be there to do a pod cast and chat with everyone. Check out their face book page at


Listen to the Super Radio Brothers live every Thursday at 7 PM on

Viet Huynh
Viet Huynh is living the dream.

He travels around the country making people laugh at comedy shows.

He also creates custom action figures, and specializes in your favorite pop culture characters designed on a minion!

In his spare time he chats all things “Avengers” and “X-Men” as a host on “Earth’s Mightiest Podcast.”


Alicia Sage was born in New Hampshire and moved to Florida in 2007, where she is now a 7th grade honor’s student enrolled in advanced classes. She is an award winning martial artist having begun her studies at age of 5 and took 1st place in traditional form at both the US Open World Martial Arts Championships and Gator Nationals World Karate Championships in 2015. She earned her Junior Scuba Certification at age 10. She is also the youngest volunteer at the #1 ranked wildlife rescue organization in the US, Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center. Her desire to act and model began at age 10. She has done several film projects with Terminal 52 Films as well as work in local theaters. She has recently done runway fashion modeling for Florida and South Carolina designers; Azeemi-Style, House of the Living Dolls, Fancy by Francesca Watson, Yaritza Quezada and Stars in Motion. In early 2016 she won the Ni-Cola Entertainment contest to model as Starflake the Cosmic Sprite, character in the award winning juvenile novels. She is over-the-moon excited to see where Starflake’s adventures lead her.

Silent E Publishing  will be showcasing artist  Katherine “Kezrek” Laczin at thier table. 

Kezrek’s Bio – “From a small perch in Austin TX, Kez Laczin creates illustrations for games, including fantastical characters, space ships, and otherworldly creatures. Her artwork can be found in Pathfinder, Legend of the Five Rings, Heroes’ Tale, In a World of Dinosaurs, and many others. A collection of her sketches have been published in the art book Finally Incomplete, and between projects she continues development on her second art book What Wonders May Lie.”


Come meet Phantasmagoria! Join them at the Daytona Beach Comic Convention on Sunday April 23, 2017 as they bring atmosphere entertainments, dance, and fiery performance!



Phantasmagoria in Sanford Monday, March 6, 2017. Photo by C. A. Bridges


Phantasmagoria in Sanford Monday, March 6, 2017. Photo by C. A. Bridges